Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buy Samsung Tablet & Get 25,000 Delta Miles Free!

Quick deal alert:

Until Sunday, September 18th, make $500 in SkyMall purchases through this link, and you'll receive 25,000 Delta miles.  That's a pretty great deal:  Even if you value Delta miles at only a penny each, its like getting $250 back from a $500 spend. 

One of the best items I've found on SkyMall for $500 is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  If you don't yet have a tablet of your own (or you want to gift one to someone), this might be the time to do it!  There are two versions of the tablet: one for $499 and one for $599.  If you go for the $499 one, make sure to also purchase something else to get over the $500 threshold.  Taxes and shipping don't count.  You can find the tablet by searching for Galaxy Tab in the SkyMall search box.

If you don't need a tablet, you might also checkout Samsung TVs and monitors.  I own both a Samsung monitor and TV myself and they're both great!

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