Sunday, September 4, 2011

Triple Dip shopping at Sears, Lands End, KMart with Chase Sapphire

If you have the Chase Sapphire card and are interested in buying anything from Sears, Kmart, or Lands End, consider the following opportunity to earn Chase Sapphire points, cash back, and Sears' Shop Your Way rewards.  Altogether, you will receive the equivalent of between 16.7% to 18.3% rebate!

1. Browse to the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall and find Sears.  At the time of this writing, purchases from Sears via this portal are rewarded with 10 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar.  With UR points worth at least 1.25 cents each, that's a 12.5% rebate right off the top.  However,you can do even better.  Rather than buying what you want from Sears, go to Sears from this portal and buy a e-gift card in the amount you need.  Note that it may take an hour or so to receive your e-gift card.

2. Go to Big Crumbs and log in (if you don't already have an acount with Big Crumbs, you can do me a huge favor by signing up via this link.  Thanks!).  Find Sears, Lands End, or Kmart on Big Crumbs and click through to buy what you want.  Currently, Big Crumbs is offering 3.2% cash back for Sears and Lands End, and 4.8% back for KMart.  Let's say you go with Sears, you now have another 3.2% back for a total of 15.7% rebate!  Before you checkout, though, read step 3:

3. Make sure you belong to Sears' Shop Your Way Rewards program.  When checking out of any of the 3 stores, enter your Shop Your Way Rewards number.  You will earn 1% back.  Note: you won't earn Shop Your Way Rewards for the e-gift card, but you will earn for your final purchase.  Don't forget to use your e-gift card to make your final purchase.  You now have a 16.7% rebate if your final purchase was from Sears or Lands End, or 18.3% rebate from KMart!  This is in addition to any discounts or coupons you use anyway.

Note: if you need to earn a few more airline miles, go to your favorite airline's shopping portal instead of Big Crumbs in step 2, above.  This could be a great opportunity to earn a US Airways "Hit".

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